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Get to Know Us...

We are a Full Service Kennel, Specializing in West German and Czech Republic Working Line and Show Line German Shepherds. We are not mass producing German Shepherds.  We have a few litters a year, and all of our dogs are raised in our home. We believe that raising pups in our home versus outside in a kennel, benefits their overall development.

Our pups are well socialized and desensitized before leaving our home. We follow Puppy Culture© protocol and start ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) at day 3.

All of our puppies are exposed to children, a wide variety of people, other dogs, and cats. We do this, all in hopes, of handing off the best puppy possible.

We health test ALL of our dogs prior to adding them to our breeding program.

Here at StrongArm German Shepherds, Our Goal is NOT to just Sell you a Puppy...

We are Committed to Providing You and Your Family with a Memorable Experience.

We take pride in what we do, and we do it with lots of love and care, just ask any of our StrongArm Families!

Tim & Amy Armstrong

German Shepherds are our Passion, and we feel blessed to be able to share that passion with fellow German Shepherd Lovers.  We wanted to be different than the other breeders out there, we wanted to make sure that we stood out...  

We wanted our owners to remember their experience here at StrongArm German Shepherds, and even brag about it... 

Thats why we decided we needed to focus on the experience.  We strive to be the breeder we never had, one that offers lifetime breeder support, yearly reunions, and one that our families will never forget.   We strive to be the best breeder we can be...  And we feel that shines through in our StrongArm puppies!

Jamie & Artie Hoffman

Jamie & Artie have owned German Shepherds all their lives, and when they lost their pup a few years ago, they reached out to us... During the playdates, our common love and passion for the breed sparked an incredible  friendship, and so began our adventure together... We are proud to have Jamie & Artie a part of the StrongArm Family!

What our Puppy Owners are Saying

I would highly recommend this breeder.  Highly knowledgeable on German Shepherd's and the whole process of getting our puppy was awesome.  They walked us through everything.  Even got puppy play dates prior to picking up our new little one.  They are awesome!!  Thank You Tim, Amy, and Jamie!!

Kendra D. (2/8/18)

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