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Meet the StrongArm Pack...

StrongArms Lady Stella Sigrdrif

Stella is a pup from our Litter A (Dakota X Oy).  She is a solid black long coat.  She is a stunning girl with a personality to match.  She's great with kids, and would prefer her "girls" to us any day.  She has a very low drive, and is a very loving, and compassionate girl.  She is an intuitive and sensitive female... She seems to just know where she is needed!  These are just a few of her amazing qualities.  Stella resides with Amy & Tim.

Princess Kimber Dickson

Kimber joined our pack in early 2019 and we are so proud to have her.  She came from a breeder in West Virginia.  She is a beautiful girl, inside and out!  She has a wonderful temperment, excellent drive, does well in all situations.  We expect her to produce beautiful long coat sables and possibly bi-colors.  Her first litter will be Summer 2019.  She resides with Amy & Tim.  

StrongArms RubyRed Cynder Von Maxum

Cynder is a beautiful long coated red and black female.  She is from West German Show Lines, and daughter of SG1, V1, CH PL Franz Ardelia & ZVV1 Cindy Do Pastor Do Serro.  We can not wait to see what she adds to our breeding program.  She is a silly girl and tons of fun.  We are working on getting her titled in confirmation.  She has excellent bone structure and her coat is stunning.  She stops traffic wherever she goes.  Cynder resides with Amy & Tim.  

StrongArms Daffodils Abloom

Daffodil is a pup from our Litter G (Dakota X Cooper).  She is turning out to be a sweet girl, with a drive to impress.  She loves to please us, and is excelling in all her classes.  She is proving to be a wonderful girl; at six months of age, she earned her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Award.  

We are hoping to add her to our breed stock in the future. 

Daffodil resides with Amy & Tim. 

StrongArms Kingsley 

King is a pup from our Litter L (Stella X Dux).  He is an amazing boy with wonderful bone structure.  He has the temperment to match.  Eveyone that meets him falls in love him.  He is currently working on his CGC and TKN.  He is only a year old, so we still have a little time before he enters the breeding program, but we are very excited to see what he will produce.  He has amazing lines and will be a great addtion to the StrongArm Pack. King resides with Amy & Tim. 

Waterloo von Gebruder Grimm

Waterloo (Jack) is a WGSL import. He is our "lion".  He is such a wonderful boy, with amazing character.  He loves to snuggle and when not snuggling, he is just content with being next to you.  We are so happy that we were lucky enough to add him to our breeding program.  

Jordan Bad Blood VP - 1 2 x PRM aka Kratos  

Kratos came to us from a breeder in Florida.  He was her pride and joy, but due an unfortunate circumstances, she needed to find a new home for him and we were lucky enough to bring him to MN.  He is a german import and comes from WGSL.  He has amazing bone structure and pigment.  He has a wonderful temperment and will be a great addtion to the StrongArm Pack. Kratos  resides with Jamie & Artie. 

StrongArms Kaiser of Hoffman Haus

Kaiser is a beautiful solid black sable long coat, with an amazing temperment... He is loved by everyone he meets.  Kaiser is from our Litter E (Dakota x Oy). Kaiser will be added to our breed program Summer 2019, and we can't wait to see what he produces.  Kaiser is owned and resides with Jamie & Artie. 

Dakota Copper Star Von Armstrong - Retired 2018

Dakota is the girl that started it all for us... She is the most amazing German Shepherd I have ever owned!  

She has a high ball drive, but her off switch in the house is spot on.  She is excellent with children, other animals, all adults... She is just an excellent all around girl.  She has produced some wonderful puppies for us.  

Lakeviews Dreya Von Bush - Retired 2020

Dreya is a cross between West German Show and Working Lines.  She is a beautiful long coated sable with a low - medium drive.  She loves to play, but knows when its time to rest.  She is great with kids, and other dogs.  Dreya resides with Jamie & Artie. 

King Solomon Cassanova Von Armstrong - Retired Crossed the Rainbow Bridge Oct 2019

Cassanova is the protector of the StrongArm Pack - he diligently patrols our property lines.  He is as traditional as they come.  He is a gorgeous Silver Sable Blanketed Back German Shepherd from a well known breeder who has been producing the same line of GSDs for 30+ years.  He has been retired from our breeding program and enjoys chewing a good stick or "log" and playing Frisbee in the backyard.  

Retired - Calico's Zeus Zephyr Von Der Lieb

Zeus is a stunning long coated west german showline.  He has quite the personality and he knows it.  He is stunning inside and out.  His pigment and bone structure are top notch.  He has a wonderful temperment and will be a great addtion to the StrongArm Breeding Program. Zeus is owned by and resides with Tiffany & Skip Heagle

Polo Vom Grafenwald "Cooper" - 

Retired from SAGS 2018. 

Cooper is a direct import from Germany with medium drive. Cooper comes from 100% champion West German show lines, some of the best in the world he’s the son of VA3 Memphis Vom Solebrunnen with titles throughout his pedigree dating back to the early 1900's, his genes are all IPO titled making for great protection instincts and a world class show and protection dog . Cooper is not your normal GSD we are pretty sure he thinks he’s human. Loves to sleep under the covers and begs to snuggle. He seems to prefer the presence of people over dogs. He’s very outgoing, curious and intelligent. He’s amazing with all animals and kids even though we only have GSDs in our household. Cooper is the perfect family German shepherd and his favorite at home activity is fetch! If you play fetch with him you are his new best friend, he will even cry when you leave.  If you couldn't tell, he's a real ladies man!!  He is located in Tennesse. He Sired Litters G, H, I, and J. Cooper is owned by Danielle Sevigny.  

Oy Max Chaos - Retired from SAGS

Oy the Boy, originator of the “that is not your baby” command. His love for kids is rivaled only by his love for sticks and a good game of catch. A true family dog, you can likely find him at the door of whatever room the kids are sleeping in. Is he a bear, a large cat or a German Shepherd? Wh​o knows. What we do know is that he produces wonderful pups with temperaments and markings that turn heads and create sighs of envy.  Oy is owned by Larissa & Andy Meyer. 

What our Puppy Owners are Saying

These people have the best German Shepherd care program for their puppies.  I highly recommend them if you are lucky enough to get one of their puppies.  It is a super program!! We are so happy to get Coal.

Dennis S. (5/22/16)

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